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Queen Sacrifice on "House of Cards"

Posted by Imad Khachan on

Most of you have heard of "House of Cards", a TV show on Netflix about politics in Washington,D.C. It's a great show and one that plays like an intricate game of chess.

Season three debuts in February 2016. The main character on the show, President Frank Underwood, played by Kevin Spacey, is a mixture of Macbeth and Richard III with a generous touch of Bill Clinton. He uses the system to usurp the presidency and in the process he sacrifices people right and left, as if they were pawns, to help improve his position and to win the game which, in this case, is a second term in the White House. For that purpose it seems that his only possible move in season three is, to put it in chess terms, a queen sacrifice. That usually is a very dangerous sacrifice in the hands on a less than brilliant tactician. Will Frank Underwood for that risky move? What other moves can Underwood make in order to win the game when his King is under a queen and a bishop attack and his opponent is threatening to Queen a pawn? 

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