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Giant Outdoor Chess Set with 25" King

  • $75000

Our Giant Outdoor Chess is back in stock and will be a summer hit! This set has a 25" King and each piece has a base that you can fill with sand or water with a top that screws together. These Chessmen weather well and can be left outside set up for year round. Giant Pieces Alone $600
Also shown is the Grid Chessboard that can be purchased separately. This Chess Board works well on grass or sand and will allow your grass to be watered even when set up. Grid Chessboard $300

There is a second option for the chess board to this set shown below.
The second picture shows the Giant Chessmen on a 104" square Nylon mat. It includes grommets in the corners and stakes to keep it in place for grass, dirt or sand. The mat is sold separately. Nylon Mat Alone $99.