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Travel Go Set with Full-Size 19.75 inch Silicone GO Board & 6.2mm Stones

  • $4900

Ultimate Travel Go Set with Full-Size 19.75 inch Silicone GO Board & Convex Stones Made of Premium ABS plastic
100% Silicone Go Board - Full Size - Measures 19.75 x 19.75 inches
Board Folds & Unfolds without Creases and Non-slip Board Keeps Pieces from Sliding
Convex Stones Made of Premium ABS plastic, Includes 181 Black & 180 White
Stones: diameter 21.8mm, thickness 6.2mm
Black Canvas Bag Included - Board and stones fit inside
Go originated in China over 2,000 years ago, and is enjoyed by more than 40 million players today! Despite the simple rules, the game of GO is rich in strategy and history. There have been many wars and battles waged on the principles of Go. The game is played by two players and the object of the game is to use one's stones to surround their opponent and dominate a larger portion of the board to win. There are no other Go sets anywhere like this one! We have combined our exclusive silicone Go board that will never crease even after being folded, with our high quality ABS plastic stones. Because the board can be folded, it is ideal for travel without having to sacrifice size. As many other travel sets are miniature, this non-slip board is full-sized. This Go game sets a new standard for the Go player and will be enjoyed for years!